How to hide a Sculpt Map

I had a friend ask me how to hide sculptie maps on prims that you want to be able to set to modify. So here is just a quick how to and if anyone would like more assistance feel free to IM Laura Wiszniak in world or leave a question in the comments.

1. Open your sculpt map into photoshop or your photo editing program of choice.

2. Add a pure black alpha channel to the map.

3. This step is important because most sculpt maps are saved as a .bmp file and the alpha trick didn’t seem to work when I used that file format. Save your sculpt map as a .tga with alpha checked. Check the box for 32 bit when prompted.

4. Now your map is ready to import. When you import it the texture should show up as full transparent, but you should still be able to view it in the sculptie preview.

Congratulations! Your sculptie creation is now much safer from screen shot thieves and you can allow your customers to have modify rights 🙂

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